Paolo-Loppi-ProfilePaolo Loppi, born and bred in the region of Siena, took up playing the guitar at the age of 12 after becoming obsessed with Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler, and has not put it down since.

He graduated from the Modern Academy of Florence in 1994, where he studied guitar with Giacomo Castellano, Simone Marrucci and Alessandro Panzani. Other areas of study included Music Theory, Harmony and Music Ensembles taught by Stefano Bollani, Stefano Allegra, Lorenzo Lapiccirella, Pepe Bonanno and Fabrizio Morganti.

Alongside fellow students, and later professional musicians, Paolo Loppi has studied and experimented with a range of musical influences: rock, funk, blues, pop and jazz. He has always put his heart and soul into his music and this intense dedication and drive provided him with opportunities to perform live in both England and the USA between 1992 and 2015 .

Throughout his music career, Paolo has played in a number of bands: Valium (progressive rock), Caffè Sindona (Italian rock), Scrambled Eggs (Jamiroquai and acid jazz), Random Play, Jammer, Malastrana (Sting, Police, Beatles, Hendrix), Episodio V (60’s cover band), Buoni o Cattivi (Vasco Rossi Tribute Band), Synchronicity (Police Tribute band), I Nemici del Fuffy, I Nuovi Mostri (rock) and Giulia Millanta (folk).

He has helped to  record and produce tracks with the following bands:  Caffè Sindona – “Nightpieces 4”, SMO – “Il confine”, Malastrana – “Who are you”, Giulia Millanta – “Dropping Down” and Cesare Carugi – “Here’s to the road”, and also worked as an instrumentalist and a music arranger for several theatre productions including: Hair, Alto Gradimento, Battisti, Dracula della PFM, Walker by Joe Strummer, alongside musicians Luca Ravagni (G. Gaber), Riccardo “Foggy” Biliotti (Diaframma), Franco Fabbrini,  and Gianni Cerone (Jenny B).  Other experience has included composing and performing on soundtracks, short films and  documentaries for Rai Educational.

In 2005 Paolo took further qualifications in Theory and Solfège at the Bruno Maderna College of Music in Cesena.  In  the following year, Paolo produced his first disc “Unsleepy Nights”, instrumental music that ranged from melodic rock to heavy metal, with musicians Riccardo “Foggy” Biliotti, Marco Gammarota, Emilio Millo Sapia and Stefano Lenci.
Paolo furthered his musical knowledge by learning the technique ‘fingerstyle guitar’ at Centrostudi Fingerstyle in Arezzo, under the guidance of Davide Mastrangelo and Woody Man. One of his tracks, Funpicking, forms part of Fingerstyle Collection 2, produced by Carish, an online music sales group.

For three consecutive years , Paolo partook in Acoustic Guitar Meeting and shared the stage with the likes of Andrea Braido, Hussy Hicks and Antoine Dufour, both as a soloist, and accompanying the Florentine singer, Giulia Millanta, on guitar.

In 2012, Paolo moved to London, performing in various music venues across the channel, either as a member of Blues bands or solo on the acoustic guitar. This experience led to the production of his first CD ‘There is no try’ in May of the same year, which is entirely acoustic with original tracks and musical arrangement.  Musicians Davide Pannozzo and Riccardo “Foggy” Biliotti collaborated on the making of this CD from the first notes to the finished product. In the same year, Paolo worked with the Bass to Rock Music Academy in order to record ‘Methods of Rock Station Beginner Vol. I – II’ with Riccardo “Foggy” Biliotti.

The month of July took him to British soil on a mini tour.

A teacher of electric and acoustic guitar, music theory and harmony at ROCK FACTORY in Siena, MUSIKALMENTE in Florence, SOUND Pontassieve and MUSIC TRIBE in Poggibonsi, Paolo also holds music ensembles to teach guitar.

In July 2013-2014, Paolo opened the Casole Guitar Festival which hosted a number of musicians, including Maurizio Solieri, Giuseppe Scarpato, Finaz, Riccardo Onori and Stef Burns.

In 2015, thanks to Gold Music, Paolo became the endorser of Dean Markley Strings.